SVP (Spred Videoart Project) is joined force of artists who use video as an artistic expression, and their environment to publisize works and activities. We uses the environment to show our works publicaly, and to discuss various concern and problem regarding to motion image expression.
Organizeing BUREIKOUNISURU video festival:
We organize the show twice a year in Tokyo; and the program is forcused on to show video works created by SVP members, to curate a show of non-member artists work, and discussion on theme realted to motion image making of today.

『無礼講にする』は、1:SVPに参加する運営会員の新作や特集上映 2:SVP運営会員がキュレーションし紹介する若手映像作家の作品上映 3:映像表現においての今日的なテーマを様々なゲストと共に考えるディスカッション 等を行っています。都内での開催は年に2回程度、会場はビクターニッパーズ銀座です。
Publisity through internet web site "RE-SITE":
"RE-SITE" is ourinternet publication. As we stated on policy we strongly emphasize the importance of artist to have their voice together with their works. "RE-SITE" is intended to give artists an environment to express thier voice through "TEXT".
Schoolary meeting on VideoArt:
As a part of our purpose to spred Videoart, we reconsider history of Videoart in Japan and all over the world in this "Schoolary meeting". We study and disscuss Videoart works created by artists such as Gary Hill, Bill Viola, Nam jun Paik, etc. and consider what they means to artists today.
日本工学院専門学校マルチメディアアート科 佐藤博昭
TEL&FAX 03-3732-1597

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